SantaThanks to Book Dash and MySchool, 21 000 children across the nation received a special treat in their Santa Shoebox – a beautiful book just for them. 

“Three, two, one... open your boxes!”

Sparkling with delight, the eyes of the children in the Grade R class in Simondium Primêr in the Cape Winelands lit up as they opened up their beautifully decorated Santa Shoeboxes. For most of the children there, who come from families where resources are scarce, the idea of getting a box full of goodies is a novel concept.

Each box is packed with luxury and essential items - the children love the toys, stationery and clothing, and their excitement about their new toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and washcloth in their box is telling. 

The Santa Shoebox project sends approximately 100 000 boxes like this to all corners of the country. Book Dash is a not-for-profit publisher of beautiful, cost-effective books for South African children. As part of its 21st birthday celebration, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet sponsored 21,000 Book Dash books to be added into Santa Shoeboxes going to children aged 7 and younger. A wonderful example of true collaboration, both Book Dash and Santa Shoebox are MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiaries working together to benefit children. 

The inclusion of a Book Dash book in the Santa Shoeboxes adds a dimension that is crucially important in the lives of children who live in poverty. Owning books, and having books in the home, has been shown to be the single biggest indicator of future academic success - more so than parents’ education .

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