spca thumb2When Sylvester the rock monitor lizard hitched a ride, he did not expect to land in the dry Western Cape. Read how he got back to his tropical home.

When Sylvester hitched a ride on a truck, and landed in the Western Cape, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA was somewhat surprised.

Sylvester – a Rock Monitor Lizard – had accidentally taken a road trip from Kwa-Zulu Natal, and on arriving the SPCA’s wildlife department brought him back safely to its care facility.

While Sylvester was kept in a quiet and peaceful temperature controlled room and provided with an array of food options, he wasn’t really keen on the local dry Cape climate.  He needed to get back to a more tropical climate as soon as possible, and was just not feeling himself and had lost interest in eating.

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Rock Monitors are not indigenous to Cape Town and Sylvester’s only chance at freedom and of course finding some friends of his own kind, would be to return him to his native habitat in KZN. Friends at CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife  offered to give him a home for a while and once he has been given a clean bill of health, they will ensure that he is released back into the wild where he so rightly belongs.

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On hearing about Sylvester’s plight the team from BidAir Cargo- Cape Town Cargo Terminal immediately leapt to his aid, offering him first class flights (in a tailor-made crate) back home. Thanks to their generous help and the MySchool supporters that are swiping their cards for the SPCA Cape of Good Hope, he now has a real chance at a successful rehabilitation and release.