MySchool MyVillage My Planet has announced that it is extending its funding efforts to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19, adding a further R500 000 for South African animal welfare organisations to its donations to date. The community loyalty programme has already donated R500 000 to the Solidarity Fund and, in partnership with Woolworths, R500 000 to Gift of the Givers.

The latest contribution to animal welfare, which will be divided between 20 different organisations, comes on top of the continuing work by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet to support its existing beneficiaries within the national lockdown scenario. It emanates from the MyPlanet component of the community loyalty programme, in recognition of the negative impact of the pandemic on the well-being of domestic animals, thousands of which have been abandoned.


“We are extremely grateful for the work these organisations do, and are even more grateful to our supporters who enable us to make these donations every time they swipe their MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet or linked Woolies cards,” says Pieter Twine, General Manager at the community loyalty programme. 


“Our partners, who include Woolworths, Engen Foods, Loot.co.za, Bidvest Waltons and many others, also play a large role in helping ordinary South Africans make a meaningful contribution to the work being carried out. Our supporters can swipe their cards at any one of our retail partners or when purchasing essentials online, to help support their chosen cause, and continue to give back to those who need it most” explains Twine.


MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet’s selection of the 20 organisations to share the donation is based on specific criteria. These include ensuring a fair spread of assistance across the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet footprint of animal welfare beneficiaries, donating to organisations that are providing help to the largest number of animals, and organisations that work in under-resourced communities. All the organisations identified have worked with MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet in the past and have a successful track record of action.


Each organisation is set to receive R25 000 from MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet to help them stock up on essential resources such as food and medical supplies, as well as necessities for staff. 

“These organisations are all going above and beyond the call of duty during the national lockdown,” says Twine. “One of the many examples is the staff at the SPCA Cape of Good Hope, who have quarantined themselves with the animals on-site to ensure they are cared for, and so that stray and critically ill animals can still be admitted.”


He adds that some of the other organisations have put measures in place that allow for animals in need to still be dropped off, or continue to provide exercise to our four-legged and furry friends within the constraints of the lockdown.


The organisations that will each receive R25 000 are:

SSPCA Cape of Good Hope

Woodrock Animal Rescue

SPCA Durban & Coast

Dogtown SA/BarkingMad

Animal Anti Cruelty League Cape Town

SPCA Garden Route

Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre

SA Mass Animal Sterilisation

Domestic Animal Rescue

Ark Animal Centre

Lucky Lucy Foundation

SPCA Edenvale

Animal Anti Cruelty League KwaZulu-Natal

SPCA Boksburg

Mdzananda Animal Clinic


SPCA East London

SPCA Bloemfontein

SPCA Nelspruit



“This truly is a time of unity, which our supporters and partners epitomise by caring through action,” concludes Twine.

To continue to help animal welfare organisations, keep swiping your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet or linked Woolworths card when shopping for your essentials in store or online. To sign up, visit myschool.co.za or download the app.







In a show of unity and caring through action, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet announces a R500 000 donation to the South African government’s Solidarity Fund. This follows a R500 000 donation by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Woolworths to Gift of the Givers, a disaster response organisation that is supporting frontline medical workers with protective wear, equipment and mobile testing sites.


As South Africa’s largest community loyalty programme, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet raises funds for worthy causes across the country. In keeping with this mandate, the decision to contribute to the Solidarity Fund was easy, given that it was established with the express aim of cushioning the impact of the virus on the most vulnerable of the country’s citizens.


 TheSolidarity Fund, which was established by President Cyril Ramaphosa after the National State of Disaster was declared on 15 March 2020, is independently administered and has received donations from more than 3 000 individuals and companies to date. Gloria Serobe, the chairperson of the fund, says that money received has already been used for activities critical to saving lives, such as the purchase of medical masks for those on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. 

Future use of the funds will include accelerating interventions across healthcare response, COVID-19 detection efforts, humanitarian aid and support, and the mobilisation of citizens to flatten the curve and manage the pandemic’s impact on the economy, communities, households and individuals.

“The COVID-19 pandemic affects all of us and we believe that our supporters will be eager to contribute to this massive humanitarian and health effort. We also have to thank our main partner Woolworths, as well as Engen Foods, Loot.co.za, Bidvest Waltons and many others, for their support which enabled our combined contribution,” says Patricia Kowo, head of Marketing and CSI at MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet. 

To donate directly to the Solidarity Fund, visit solidarityfund.co.za. Remember, you can still help those in need – from children, the environment, animals and beyond – with every swipe of your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet or linked Woolworths card when you purchase your essential goods during the national lockdown, and at no cost to you. Visit myschool.co.za or download the app to sign up.


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Stay safe and keep washing your hands.




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GROW Educare Centres was born from a deep desire among a group of social entrepreneurs to address the lack of quality early childhood development (ECD) education in marginalised communities in South Africa. “Poor quality early learning for children in developing communities is a life sentence to poverty and inequality. Our GROW Educare Centres are making 5 Star education accessible and affordable while also equipping women to run professional businesses,” says Tracey Chambers, CEO of the nonprofit.  

GROW ECD Centres serve developing communities around SA, ensuring that more children have the opportunity to receive the development schooling they need for future success.

To flatten the Covid 19 curve, all 44 GROW Educare ECD Centres have been closed.  To ensure long term growth and sustainability in these ECD centres, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has donated R100 000 to their cause. 

Here is what GROW is doing during COVID19 lockdown to ensure it continues to serve disadvantaged communities: 

1. Activity Kits for Parents

The ECD centres are equipping parents with educational activity kits and tips which children can do at home. 


2. Support learning from home

Sharing practical parenting tips and ideas on their social media channels to help parents continue with home-schooling. 


3. Digital training for ECD teachers

GROW are pivoting their business model (which requires a lot of training and mentoring of teachers and business owners) to embrace online and digital learning. They are making sure that teachers and teacher interns can continue to develop their skills.  


4. Implementing an ECD app

GROW has launched a mobile app which helps ECD centres manage their entire business from the palm of their hands. During the lockdown period they are training and implementing the app effectively.


5. Tips to help ECD centres survive 

GROW has developed a comprehensive document on tips for ECD Centres to help them survive the Coronavirus. The document guides ECD owners on managing and keeping their staff, protecting their cashflow, supporting parents and protecting children.

Help GROW Educare Centres protect these small businesses in developing communities. We need early learning centres to be ready to serve their communities as soon as lockdown ends. You can help by swiping your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card when shopping online at our partners or by swiping your card when doing your essentials shopping run at our partner stores. 




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To support frontline medical workers by providing protective wear and equipment, Woolworths and MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet have donated R500 000 to the Gift of the Givers Foundation. 


As one of the country’s primary disaster response charities, Gift of the Givers is a recognised partner in the South African government’s Covid-19 response.  The foundation has already set up numerous mobile Covid-19 testing sites to support South Africa’s hospitals, and is raising urgent funds for medical equipment and protective gear.

As well as setting up tent testing sites and ordering much-needed ventilators, Gift of the Givers is raising funds to buy and supply protective masks, Hazmat suits, gowns, gloves and goggles – equipment that’s vital to protect nurses and doctors at the frontline of the pandemic. 


Help support Gift of the Givers Foundation by selecting them as a beneficiary and then using your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card online or when you’re doing your essentials shopping at our partners. Remember, you can update your beneficiaries anytime on our App.


#Be the Difference

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We’re all facing new challenges as our country puts measures in place to limit the spread of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Our unity of purpose has never been more important than now and calls for a huge collective effort on the parts of government and society to cope with the situation. MySchool MyVillage My Planet’s charitable organisations are already focusing their energies on helping SA through the unprecedented times ahead.


For a moment, we’d like to focus on the good news – the real stories about real people, who are making a real difference in our communities in these times. We’ll be keeping you updated on some of the initiatives that our charitable organisations and ordinary citizens are undertaking to help support our nation’s efforts. Be on the look-out for these stories and more, that will follow in the coming days.


To help support disaster relief efforts, we’re also hard at work looking for ways to assist some of our charitable organisations, as they help others during these challenging times.


Remember, you can also continue to give back to those in need without leaving your home.  Simply use your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card when you shop online, or when you’re doing your essentials shopping at our partner stores.


Stay safe, stay healthy and keep being the difference.




Stay fit and healthy at Home with SISSA

For over a decade Woolworths, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SISSA) have collaborated on many successful health and wellness projects. These programmes include guidelines on physical activity/exercise, nutritional information and maintaining health and wellness for people of all ages. 

SISSA has developed content that will make staying fit and healthy at home, easier and will be bringing you new activities each week for the duration of the lockdown period. We hope that you will find value in it. Email us your feedback on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Healthy eating for children, brought to you by Woolworths

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