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Food gardens are just one of the ways that Thandanani Children’s Foundation helps support families that care for orphans and vulnerable kids. 

When visiting Mrs Mchunu’s house, the Thandanani Children’s Foundation team noticed that she had a food garden which was a little neglected.  Despite her age and fragility, the team helped a motivated Mrs Mchunu by providing her with fencing materials to keep goats and other animals out of her garden.  By working with her family to show them how to prepare the soil and make their own organic fertilisers, Mrs Mchunu now has a magnificent thriving garden which helps feed her family. 

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With the help of MySchool funding, Thandanani helps people like Mrs Mchunu to lead a self-sustainable life. The foundation facilitates community based care to families that care for orphans and other vulnerable children, and food gardens are one of the ways they help. 

Food gardens are an empowering and practical way to help families supplement their basic nutritional needs. Where families have adequate and suitable land, Thandanani helps people establish and maintain a food garden to grow vegetables to use, or to sell as excess produce. Where families don’t have enough space for a traditional food garden, Thandanani even helps these households with special food boxes that allow vegetable growing in small spaces. 

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Writer credentials: Jess McTaggart - 4kids Coordinator

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