Volunteer Wildfire Services content Feb 2017

Depending entirely on donations by MySchool and the public, Volunteer Wildfire Services supports its brave volunteer teams on the fire line to fight wildfires in fire season and keep us safe. 

Fighting wildfires is strenuous, dangerous and demanding work and Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) relies entirely donations from the public and people like you.  Every cent raised is used to maintain and refuel vehicles, feed firefighters, train them during winter and buy the equipment they need. 

Fire Fighters image Feb 2017

MySchool funds help to sustain VWS’ four bases in Newlands, Jonkershoek, Grabouw and the Southern Peninsula, by ensuring that volunteers can approach their duties on the fire line. All members of VWS are unpaid volunteers, who offer their free time outside of their day jobs to train for six months a year, carry out standby duty, offer logistical support and fight wildfires during fire season.  All funds are used to support teams on the fire line and in the control centre, by ensuring they are well-fed, properly protected and, perhaps most importantly, motivated by the support they receive from people in the community like you.