Western Cape  

Montessori Knysna bought new interactive white boards with their MySchool funds. These white boards are in high demand and assist teachers in preparing interactive and educational lessons. It also allows them to create a database of lessons that can be used and amended repeatedly as required.


THE YESHIVA College granted MySchool the privilege of arranging a day of fun and meaning for 114 underprivileged children, aged two to six, from MaAfrika Tikkun’s ECD Centre in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. A security company sponsored two buses for the Yeshiva College girls. The children participated in various activities, including face painting, soccer, hoola-hoops, food, painting caps and a jumping castle. The day was filled with dancing, music and so much energy from both learners and the children.

Eastern Cape

Summerwood Primary School upgraded their sports clubhouse with the help of their MySchool Funds. They have also purchased fridges and microwaves for their school.

They are now saving to buy benches for their Netball courts.


Northcliff Primary school gives back 50% of the money raised to the parents to help with school fees.

Life Ministries Christian School in Heidelberg uses their MySchool money to purchase stationary for to be used in classrooms.

Boksburg High school uses their MySchool money to subsidies less fortunate learners.