Earth BuddiesJanuary 2013 marked the start of more than a new school year for the 900 students of Fish Hoek primary school. An under-utilised section of their school field has been dedicated to learning the art of urban farming/Permaculture.  Every Friday the learners deliver their buckets of kitchen waste from home to contribute to their goals of collecting a hundred 20-litre buckets of “green waste”. The transformation of field to farm started with clearing the land and building a large mound to act as wind barrier. Groups were taught to use power tools and the basic construction techniques needed to build their composting units. They learnt to care for their wormery, grow plants and the art of composting.

The aim is twofold: eventually to harvest eight tons of bio-dynamic food each month which will be sold back to the parents of FHPS, and to teach the learners how to eat better and enjoy healthy, organic food – grown sustainably. - Overview from Community Organiser