LEAPBishops enjoys a mutually rewarding partnership with the LEAP schools (Langa Educational Advantage Programme). When John Gilmour approached Bishops in 2003 with a dream to create schools that addressed the teaching of Maths and Science to the underprivileged community of Langa, Bishops immediately joined with him in helping set up the school. Part of that support was the use of Science and IT labs in the afternoons when Bishops pupils were not using them. The relationship is now much broader than that, and Bishops and LEAP pupils frequently participate together in activities such as the Bishops Epic, Debating and Outreach programmes, to name a few.

There are positive exchanges of ideas and insights between Bishops and LEAP, as well as shared fundraising activities. Since its inception in 2004, LEAP has grown enormously, and there are now four LEAP schools. A high percentage of graduates pursue tertiary education and many go on to careers in various fields. www.leapschool.org.za