Asamhle learns to readThe Shine Centre shines their light on a Grade 2 leaner by giving him the gift of reading. "I had been volunteering for a year with Shine when I met Asemahle, a shy little Grade 2 boy with a massive scar across his head and a very sweet smile. He had been assessed as being ’at risk’, and was joining Shine for the first time.

Here is their story

He shyly sat down next me, looking a bit bewildered, and I started to ask him a few questions, just to get to know him, and for him to feel comfortable with me. He told me about his favourite food, which was fish and chips, and what he liked to do after school, which was play outside with his two friends. He warmed very quickly and his shy whisper became a more full voice as we chatted on.

To assess where he was at with his literacy and reading, I asked him to please write DOG for me. He picked up the pen, holding it awkwardly and after thinking for a while, wrote B T E. This little child had no concept of the sounds connected to each letter and it became clear that he had been guessing his way through class and parrot-fashion copying words off the black board.

We were in for a journey indeed, and week by week, with repetition, encouragement, praise and just one-on-one attention, he got it! By the end of our last session together, over a period of 10 months, he went from scoring 32/90 on his first test to 74/90 on the final assessment. And, as a parting gift in our last hour, he proudly read FOURTEEN of the pink-graded books, all on his own.

Shine is such a fantastic programme. It’s so easy to get trained and to follow their step-by-step methodology. I would encourage anyone who loves books and children, to offer two hours of their time to this effective and well-managed programme!"

Linda Codron
Ex-Shine volunteer, now Shine Communications Manager and Centre Manager

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