Giving backRead the latest feedback of how the MySchool Beneficiaries are making a positive impact in our community. For many schools and charities the funds they receive from MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet helps them to keep giving back to others.

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MySchool: Anna Foundation learners enjoy a Running Clinic with Zola Budd

Zola hosts a running clinicFifty lucky Anna Foundation children joined Zola Budd at the Stellenbosch High School sports field for a development running clinic. Learners displaying a talent for, or showing potential for running were chosen from each of our Boland farms. To kick off the afternoon, each child was fitted with a brand new pair of Newton running shoes.

The look on the children’s faces was priceless as each one walked around, staring in delight at their fancy, new footwear.Once all children had received their shoes, ultra marathon runner Alistair Dream Wilder demonstrated a variety of core strengthening exercises which the youngsters eagerly tried out themselves. They learned why it is important for runners to have strong abdominal muscles and how it can make their running more energy efficient as well as faster.

The children then took to the field for a full body warm up, running alongside the legendary Zola. They listened carefully to what Zola Budd had to say, lifting their legs high or taking tiny, quick-paced steps, just as she had demonstrated. The Anna Foundation children learned a great deal from the running legend and thoroughly enjoyed their time with her. View more photos here

MyVillage: McGregor Waldorf Grade 1 & 2 learners Spreading Goodwill

Helping in Mcgregor

You can never be too young to start learning important life lessons. We collected firewood, tied it in bundles and carried it to the McGregor squatter camp where we delivered it to a very old, sick and deaf lady who lives in a tiny shack.

She was so grateful that the children wanted to do more for her, so we have been making soup and scones for her during the past four months.

The children contribute by bringing to school any leftover vegetables from home. We do our cooking at Miss Helen’s house and deliver the food the following day. The old lady, who the children call “Ouma”, dug up flowers from her garden to give to us to plant at school.The children have been very moved by this project.

On our last visit “Ouma” was too ill to get out of bed and one of the children announced, “When Ouma dies she will look after us from Heaven!”


Penguins releasedMyPlanet: SANCCOB: Christmas chicks are released

The festive period has been another busy one for SANCCOB as the seabird rehabilitation centre in Table View admitted over 350 abandoned African penguin chicks since 1 November 2012. The bulk of the 6-8 week old chicks came from the Stony Point colony in Betty’s Bay, a thriving penguin colony and one of the few land-based colonies in southern Africa. Read the full story here.

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