Braam DOTBraam Malherbe, extreme conservationist, TV presenter, motivational speaker, Honorary ranger and proud MyPlanet Ambassador, is our guest writer this month. He shares a lovely personal story of inspiration during a recent trip to Limpopo where learners discovered that making a difference starts with themselves....

braam-malherbeI cannot begin to tell you how precious our water is and how everything is affected by how much or how little there is available.

Did you know that in North Africa in places like Darfour there are wars fought over water already?

It is easy to forget how scarce water is if it just streams out the tap, clean and fresh, in seemingly unlimited supply. We are always told to use it wisely and not waste, but have you ever had a “budget” of a limited amount of water and when it was finished there was no more?

Braam MalherbeExtreme conservationist and adventurer,Braam Malherbe has received the prestigious“Eco-Warrior Award” in recognition of his unrelenting efforts to protect and preserve the Earth and its eco-systems, at the Eco-Logic Awards, hosted by The Enviropaedia and SABC3, at The Cradle of Humankind, in Maropeng on September 27, 2012.

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Some weeks ago I was invited as My Planet ambassador to be the guest speaker to 200 school principals. Being asked to motivate these leaders was an honour and privilege.