Braam MalherbeGuest Writer: Braam Malherbe, Eco-Warrior.

All of who we are today is an accumulation of around 3.4 billion years of life’s evolution on earth. Yet, look at the negative impact we are inflicting as a single species on this finite home of ours. I believe we have lost our connection to what we depend upon for our very survival. How do we re-connect, feel and protect this sacred Earth?

Help the RhinoThe plight of the rhino is a symbol of man's greed on the one hand and his ignorance on the other. Our rhinos will be extinct inside of the next decade if we don’t act fast.

Braam Malherbe"It’s the little things we do that shape the world…lot’s of people Doing One Thing (DOT) can create a special and sustainable future." – Braam Malherbe shares how to DOT with love.

Braam Malherbe inspired to helpBraam Malherbe, extreme conservationist, TV presenter, motivational speaker, Honorary Ranger and proud MyPlanet Ambassador, is our guest writer this month.