Operation smile missionAfter completing a motivational talk to staff from Woolworths Division One and explaining the power of my DOT (Do One Thing) campaign, they decided to do exactly that…’do one thing’. Because I had run the coastline of South Africa from Namibia to Mozambique for Operation Smile, they decided to run as a team around an athletic track and raise money for this amazing cause.

Braam Malherbe loves rhino'sVeteran eco-warrior, extreme conservationist and 50/50 television presenter Braam Malherbe has written a comprehensive and insightful overview of the rhino wars and an analysis of the various solutions to the crisis. Here is a summary of his paper.

Braam on sustainabilityBefore certain Native American tribes took a decision that might impact on their future survival, the elders would deliberate and consider the impact of their actions seven generations hence. Most modern day societies do not even consider the impact their actions will have on their own children.

Braam Malherbe talks about the gift of givingAs a species, we tend to have forgotten the basic law of nature. It is so simple yet profoundly powerful: ‘Every species gives to one or more other species and that ensures their survival’.