Braam-kissing-rhinoBraam Malherbe, MyPlanet Ambassador and Extreme Conservationist encourage everyone Do One Thing (DOT) to save the rhino. “Be part of the solution…because you can!”

Braam gift of givingSome people call this time of the year the ‘Silly Season’. Perhaps it’s because we begin to let go of the hardships and stresses of the year and begin to unwind and relax. Or, perhaps, it’s ‘silly’ because we actually have time to reflect and realise how crazy we have become in order to just survive?

Braam child profileBraam shares his experiences of his recent trip to Malawi to assist in another Operation Smile mission. He shares how we can all do one thing to change lives, one smile at a time.

Dream Big profileOur future success is based on the dreams we have now and our ability to plan well in order to make those dreams a reality.