DOT profileBraam Malherbe, MyPlanet Ambassador Do One Thing campaign inspires two MySchool supporters to make a difference and empowers neglected and abused orphans.

vws profileMyPlanet Ambassador Braam Malherbe pays tribute to our brave firefighters that sacrifice their lives to safeguard our beautiful home.

Braam Malherbe profileOur MyPlanet Ambassador Braam Malherbe shares a life-changing experience and reminds us that the legacy we leave for future generations can help change the world.

Braam Malherbe: MyPlanet AmbassadorMyPlanet Ambassador Braam Malherbe share’s an inspirational story about the late Nelson Mandela and how forgiveness is about giving.

I recently had the privilege of attending and speaking at EthicsXchange 2014 in Johannesburg. EthicsXchange is an event that seeks to reconnect us to a moral compass and encourages us to become an ethically conscious society.