WW CHILDSAFE 160X160 2Simple safety precautions can help prevent the staggering number of accidents that happen around the home and on the road. Last year, the Woolworths Trust embarked on a three-year partnership with South African NGO, Childsafe, to raise awareness around child safety.

In addition to the campaign, “You’re bigger Be the adult”, now in its second year, the Trust will also be funding Health and Safety workshops for Early Childhood Development Centre Practitioners in under-resourced areas.

The workshops will cover injuries at various growth and developmental stages, road safety, fire and burn prevention, important legislation and policies, emergency childcare and more. After completing the course and having a chance to implement their new insights, the Early Childhood Development Practitioners will be assessed by Childsafe before going on to develop a Health and Safety plan in their work place.

You’re bigger Be the adult
Road accidents, drowning and burns are three major causes of child injuries and deaths. As a child minder,there are plenty of precautions you can take to help prevent them.

In the car, be sure to buckle up your child for every trip, no matter how short, and make sure that children under the age of 5 are in an approved safety seat with all harnesses securely fastened. Remember that car seats for babies under 9 months old should always face the rear end of the car. Never let children stand in the car or sit at the back of a bakkie. At just 25km/hour, a small child can be killed if his or her head hits the windscreen or pavement during an emergency stop.

Keep our children safe

Make responsible decisions before getting into your car, especially when you have young passengers. Don’t drink and drive. Always store loose items in the boot, as the weight of an object multiplies at the point of impact. Check your brakes, lights, shock absorbers and tyres regularly to reduce the risk of an accident, and always be on the lookout for child pedestrians.

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When walking on the road, young children should always be accompanied by an adult or a child older than 8, and if they’re out and about in fog or poorly lit areas, make sure that they are wearing lightly coloured clothing with reflective strips. The same applies to children’s bicycles, which should always have working lights and reflective pedals. Accidents often happen when kids run out into the road to fetch a ball, so ensure that children are supervised and play in fenced areas.

At home, be sure to keep loose cords and wires where toddlers are not able to reach them, especially if they are connected to appliances like the kettle or toaster. Keep medicines and harmful substances out of reach of children. When bathing, always run cold water into the bath before hot water, and make sure that kids are supervised. Around the swimming pool or at the beach, keep an eye on children at all times and teach them to swim as soon as possible, making sure that they are prepared for an unexpected slip.

Children rely on adults to keep them safe, so make sure that you’re doing all you can to prevent any injuries or fatalities that can be avoided. Help us raise awareness and look out for more child safety tips in the Woolworths Trust and Childsafe awareness campaign.


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