Dog 04During the festive season, pets are left terrified by fireworks. Read how the SPCA rescued Troy and reunited him with his distraught owner.






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Help dogs like Troy find their owners again and support the SPCA to help rescue animals.
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When the fireworks exploded near to his home, Troy - a 2 year old Boerboel from the Pelican Park area – escaped from his property in absolute terror.

By the time he heard the loud bangs, Troy’s distraught owner Demetri Holman couldn’t catch him.  A panicked Troy hurtled through the property gate and into the night, and Holman searched for him until the early morning hours. 

Thankfully, a fellow animal lover saw a dog with a wound on his face, who was running wildly through the streets and reported this to the SPCA emergency line. Collections Officer Norman Benya set off to find and rescue a very scared Troy and brought him to the Animal Hospital for treatment at around 1am.


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Many social media users helped the SPCA team and passed information about missing pet alerts they’d seen.  As soon as they connected Troy and his owner, they called him first thing in the morning to come and fetch his beloved pet. 

 “When I received the call from the SPCA Lost and Found at 9am on 6 November I was relieved that my search for Troy was over, ” says Mr. Holman “ I was also so appreciative of the heart-warming support and shares across Facebook from other dog owners. A big thank you to the person who called the SPCA when they saw my injured Troy.”

The SPCA will make sure that Troy is micro-chipped to ensure that his owner can be immediately notified, should he ever go missing again. But Troy is lucky and loved.  Others wait patiently for owners who never come for them.  Here are some top SPCA tips for lost pets and fireworks:

1. Keep pets indoors and safe from home.  Stay with them and try to set up a calm, quiet space with the curtains drawn and calming music to keep the environment peaceful.

2. Pets should have a micro-chip and/or collar with an ID disc in case they got lost.

3. Look into purchasing calmatives from your vet to help reduce stress if your animals do get stressed at loud noises.