Reach ThumbnailFor children with life-threatening illnesses, the magic of childhood is easily lost. But Reach For A Dream makes dreams come true to keep the magic alive.





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Help make dreams come true for children who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses.
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Childhood should be one of the most magical times in life.   Yet for children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, that magic is easily lost.  Working for children suffering from illnesses such as leukaemia, cystic fibrosis, and muscular dystrophy to HIV, kidney failure and blood disorders, Reach For A Dream is helping fulfil their dreams.

By creating magical moments that last a lifetime, the dream team is helping ease some of the emotional, physical and financial strains for the families of children dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

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Melanie (4) from Northern Cape, dreamt of having baby dolls that she could ‘look after’. Seeing her gifts, Melanie  literally jumped for joy. Once her dolls were unwrapped she didn’t want to do anything else but kiss and talk to her ‘baby’. She was one happy young lady, and it is a moment like this that shows how special and fulfilling the work is that Reach For a Dream does.


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Given from Durban had his dream fulfilled while he was in hospital. Given, who has a passion for culinary skills, had a dream of receiving a laptop. Combining his passion and dream, a cake-decorating bake-off was arranged with his doctor, Dr Gouden. The winner was to receive a ‘mystery prize’. To Given’s delight and surprise he won the bake-off, and was beyond excited to discover that the mystery prize was a laptop. It was smiles all round. 


Dylan (17) always dreamt of having a high-tech themed room. With a lot of secrecy and hard work of the Johannesburg dream team, Dylan’s  dream came true. Dylan’s mom, Ruth, kept him out of the house for three days during the makeover. When Dylan came home from school, and saw the transformation of his room, he was totally surprised by the extra special handover on his birthday!