Qhubeka Bicycles change lives thumbWith bicycles, people can travel faster and further. Thanks to her new Qhubeka bicycle, Elizabeth is on time for school and ready to achieve her goals.





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Before she had a bicycle, 15-year-old Elizabeth was often late for school. She lives in rural Limpopo, and there are no public transport options near her home. 

Whether it’s going to school, a job interview or a health clinic, transport is often a hold back factor that gets in the way of people’s progress in life.  With a bicycle, people can travel faster, further, and carry more. That’s why Qhubeka believes that bicycles change lives.

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Qhubeka is a global charity based in Africa that helps people to “progress or move forward” (the meaning of the word “qhubeka”) with bicycles.People earn bicycles through various programmes, such as learn-to-earn projects for schoolchildren and work-to-earn projects for adults.

Elizabeth’s school is part of a learn-to-earn programme in Giyani, and she received a Qhubeka bicycle in May 2017. “Since getting my bicycle, I don’t come late to school,” she says. “I would like to be a doctor and the bicycle is helping me to achieve my dream.”

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TGiyani falls within Qhubeka’s Limpopo SHIFT programme. A SHIFT is a Qhubeka bicycle project that aims to distribute 5 000 bicycles per year into a specific geographic area for five years, with the aim of helping to SHIFT the entire community forward.

“As a doctor, I am going to help others as I have been helped by my Qhubeka bicycle,” Elizabeth says.

Through the support of donors, fundraisers, sponsors and MySchool shoppers, Qhubeka has distributed more than 90 000 bicycles to people like Elizabeth to day.