greyton profileLeft to die, and now the model for a seven-metre high sculpture in Manchester UK, Snortie the pig inspires survival and human compassion.



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Snortie was found lying all alone in a filthy pen of rusted roof sheeting, wire and rubbish.  Born into a back yard piggery with splayed back legs and no hope of survival, Snortie the piglet’s story is one of the courage to survive and human compassion. 

South African artist Marius Jansen van Vuuren, who was commissioned to build a huge sculpture of a sitting pig, asked Snortie to be his model. The 7-metre high sculpture stood in the centre of Manchester, UK over Chinese New Year, and the artist is donating a signed drawing of the sculpture for auction to raise funds to buy her a wheelchair. 

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Snortie the piglet was left to die, but rescued by an animal lover who brought her to Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary.  After placing her in a small paddock with another pig called Big Bella Boo, Snortie cuddled up with maternal Bella at night to keep warm. 

The team took Snortie to Pets in Balance at Somerset West for hydrotherapy. She showed a willingness to work hard and was soon standing, buoyed up by the warm water. Committed to her healing and two-hour long journeys, three times a week, Snortie was given three months of intensive therapy.

It was then that the film of her being towelled dry went viral with over 500,000 views. Her cute pink snout and happy demeanour turned her into quite the celebrity!

Snortie suffered a setback when, after only six months together, Bella passed away. Snortie’s usually happy demeanour changed to one of quiet sadness. That’s when the team opened the gate of her paddock so she could join two piggies called Ollie and Bella 2, who immediately accepted Snortie and she now lives with them, cuddling up to her new friends at night.


Through MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet MyVillage MyPlanet, Greyton Farm School pays for transport for local school children to visit Snortie and all its pigs, as part of its humane education outreach programme, which awakens children’s natural empathy and helps contribute to creating a more peaceful South Africa.