Every week, eight new students join DAKTARI’s camp to learn and interact with wildlife orphans; they leave as confident ambassadors of the environment.

Working in the South African bush, DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage educates local children about the environment, to ignite a passion for wildlife.  Over the past 12 years, DAKTARI’s impact on the community is clear: children who attend the camps are spreading their knowledge to their villages, while schools are reporting improved concentration, self-esteem and confidence. 

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Each week, DAKTARI welcomes eight new students to their camp to attend lessons, do activities, and interact with animals in their wildlife orphanage.  On arrival on a Monday, the children fill in a survey that works as a level indicator, to gauge their school and life knowledge.  When they leave on a Friday, they fill out the same questions which measure their progression.


The results over the past three years (2015-2017) clearly show their progression is slowing down.   This means that new children are arriving with more knowledge and understanding of environmental awareness when they arrive – even though they are learning the same content as previous years. 


As more children come to DAKTARI, they spread their knowledge to family and friends, making them aware of certain environmental issues. Over 12 years, DAKTARI has reached over 4000 children and each child who attends becomes an important ambassador to spread their knowledge into nearby villages.  

DAKTARI also works in the community. The twice-weekly Eco Clubs at local schools help them expand their knowledge after they’ve been to DAKTARI.   For children who’ve never been, it’s also a chance for them to learn about the environment. The DAKTARI team regularly meets with teachers and headmasters of local schools, who report significant improvements in the students who have attended DAKTARI. Improvements include: increased concentration in the classroom, more confidence to speak up in class, an increase in politeness and self-esteem and a higher pass rate at the end of the year.