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Taking one of the top youth award prizes in the Western Cape, the Principals Academy is helping support teachers  with its Maths Teacher Support Programme.

Scooping one of the top prizes for its Maths Teacher Support Programme, The Principals Academy has won the category of Building Education, Training and Skills Development in the Western Cape’s annual Ministerial Youth Excellence Awards.   Hosted by the provincial government’s Department of Social Development for the third time, the awards showcase some of the most advanced and innovative youth programmes in the province. 

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Competing against 19 youth organisations from the NGO and private sectors, the programme is partly funded by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and is focused on providing expert teaching support to Maths teachers, working in schools which serve disadvantaged communities. 

Presented by experts in the field of Mathematics teaching in the Intermediate Phase, the programme is all about teaching the teacher. The goal is to address the reality that many Primary School Mathematics teachers lack confidence in their own understanding of concepts and methodologies and many have experienced poor teaching themselves. This is why the focus in two-fold in: 

improving teacher knowledge and practice 

improving learner understanding and performance

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Run by Annette Champion and Dorothy Raine from the Academy, the workshops have been hosted since 2014 and each teaching presenter has more than 30 years’ experience in high achieving schools. Through weekly support workshops run with small groups of between 10 – 15 teachers, teachers commit themselves to about 30 one hour workshops a year.