Thuthuka Bursary Fund content 2017

Thanks to the Thuthuka Bursary Fund, Sinetemba Fumbata is realising his dream of becoming a chartered accountant (CA[SA]) despite tough odds.

For Sinetemba Fumbata, hard work, determination and an opportunity to follow his dreams has meant that today, he is one of Engen’s top chartered accountant trainees.  With the help of the Thuthuka Bursary Fund, one of MySchool’s beneficiaries, Fumbata is realising his dream of becoming a chartered accountant (CA[SA], and despite the odds, he has the world at his feet.

Fumbata is a young professional who has overcome an abusive family situation and the loss of both his parents by the time he had reached high school. One of seven siblings growing up in Zwide, Fumbata never had much. “Our family could not afford the school fees although they were only about R200 a year,” he says. 

Thuthuka Bursary Fund Sinethemba

From a young age Fumbata showed a strong entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to be the best grew as he did. In Grade 9, his maths and accounting teachers encouraged him to pursue a career as a chartered accountant and he would practice old exam and test papers after school. In Grade 12 he was approached by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ (SAICA) Thuthuka Bursary Fund.

“To my surprise the Thuthuka Bursary was fully funded,” says Fumbata. “It covered books, tuition, a food allowance and pocket money which I would normally send back home.” He completed his BCom Accounting degree at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. “What I liked about Thuthuka, over and above the financial support, was the academic support, and the seminars on soft skills and professional skills which I apply today,” Fumbata continues.

One of SAICA’s prime goals is to contribute towards strengthening the country’s economy by playing a significant and leading role in transformation and skills development. The Thuthuka Education Upliftment Project, a pioneering initiative to promote race and gender transformation in the profession, was launched in the Eastern Cape in 2002 and is fast growing into a national project which supports learners while helping to uplift communities.