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Two new preschools, toys and teacher training drive quality early childhood development in the Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape communities are celebrating the opening of two preschools in the area.  The preschools, Luzuko in Mgojweni and Masiphathisane in Folokhwe, were built with funds raised through the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme and other organisations.

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1. Luzuko Preschool Mgojweni   2. Masiphathisane Preschool Folokhwe

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Bulungula Incubator now has four preschools in the area which have all been equipped with educational toys and other resources.  Teachers have been trained on how to use them to guarantee educational impact where, for example, using Lego differently helps children acquire a range of different skills. Quality early childhood development (ECD) activities are maintained in the classroom to ensure children develop holistically, and activities include indoor and outdoor play. 

Pictures below: The children enjoy the outdoor equipment and are showing strong gross motor development.

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Teachers in all 4 preschools continue to “spice-up” play with different activities where social and emotional skills are developed. One of the activities that develops these skills was a music week – where children develop social skills, dancing skills and literacy through song.  

Music At Jujurha

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Under the theme of music, parents got involved by making musical instruments. Always ready to sing, the children love their music and are familiar with musical instruments because in the village, local people use different traditional (home-made) instruments, such as drums, and horns.

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