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While it can’t give him his parents back, Nazareth House is giving Sam the love and care every child deserves, with the help of MySchool funds.

A few months ago, the unthinkable happened. Both of Samuel’s Zimbabwean parents were brutally beaten and killed in a xenophobic attack. Sam, as we like to call him, was spared and left crying helplessly at the scene.

As soon as contact was made, Sam was brought home immediately to Nazareth House in Cape Town.  While the non-profit organisation (NPO) can’t give him his parents back, Nazareth House will give him the love and care that every child deserves, as well as helping in his recovery through trauma counselling – all of which is done on the strength of donations. 

Thanks to funding raised through MySchool, the NPO has been able to care for Sam’s basic needs like nappies and toiletries. 

Nazareth House Samuel


Staff at Nazareth House knew Sam’s parents well. For many years they were childless, and would come to church with a prayer request for the blessing of a child. They became dear friends, who volunteered at Nazareth House, and were also donors.

Two years ago those prayers were answered, and Sam was born – but prematurely, and he had to remain in hospital for two months with developmental complications. Sam’s been a survivor since birth and while Nazareth House continues to provide for him in every way, its staff hopes that he will be fostered or adopted by a loving family. 

Nazareth House provides a loving, stable and secure home environment for abandoned, neglected, disabled and orphaned children as well as a last resting place for children with terminal conditions who are unable to return home due to sociable ills.