Chapel Street Food GardenA 400m2 edible garden at Chapel Street Primary School in Salt River, Cape Town will provide fresh produce to help feed learners.


On Friday, 31 July 2015, MySchool and Woolworths Financial Services staff offered up their valuable time to create a 400m2 edible garden at the school planting some 3 200 seedlings which will generate fresh produce to help feed learners.

MySchool ChapelStreetPrimary EdibleGarden1

 MySchool ChapelStreetPrimary EdibleGarden2


Chapel Street Primary School at the start of transformation


Chapel Street Primary edible food garden

The aim of this project is to build a sustainable food garden that can be accessed and used by the school learners. The edible garden will provide a food source to be used within the school’s feeding scheme, help educate and inspire pupils, staff, parents and neighbours, create a beautiful, biodiverse environment and hopefully also spark community and public interest in the school and in urban food gardens.

Chapel2In 2014, Woolworths Financial Services joined MySchool in building a sustainable vegetable garden that benefited a number of worthy schools in the Observatory community. The success of this project exceeded all expectations and inspired Woolworths Financial Services (WFS) to look for another school that could benefit from a sustainable vegetable garden. Chapel Street Primary School, an under-resourced school in Salt River, Cape Town, was chosen as WFS’s 2015 flagship school. In collaboration with MySchool and Urban Harvest, who are experts in the field of building sustainable vegetable gardens for schools and communities, they began a one-year partnership programme with the school.

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