DOT profileBraam Malherbe, MyPlanet Ambassador Do One Thing campaign inspires two MySchool supporters to make a difference and empowers neglected and abused orphans.

This month’s blog is a long one, but please bear with me and read through to the end. There’s a lot of great stuff happening in April, and I hope you will take the time to learn more about it.

Part of my ‘day job’ is to be a motivational speaker. But for me, motivating people isn’t enough. I want to activate them. I want them to get out there and DO. That’s the platform on which my Do One Thing campaign sits – if we all do one small thing each day to help the earth, collectively we can make a huge difference. When I hear about people whose lives I’ve touched and who I’ve inspired to get involved, I am both humbled and honoured. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that I have been the spark that ignited their fire and propelled them into forward motion. And I just found out that for two sisters, I was exactly that – the spark.

Vanessa and Vicky Wiesenmaier are two German-South African sisters who are committed to making the world a better place. They’re particularly hoping to make a positive impact with regards to the plight of the rhino. Recently, I was made aware that these two women have, as a result of being inspired by my DOT campaign, decided to cycle around Asia for six months, from Hong Kong to Singapore, in an endeavour to raise awareness about the rhino situation.

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buynorhinoTheir campaign, called Buy No Rhino (visit their website and facebook page is aimed at educating and engaging with people in Southeast Asia about rhino poaching, trade and consumption. The hope is that their efforts will help to stem (and ideally stamp out) demand in these countries and secure a future for the rhino.  

Vanessa and Vicky are complementing their cycle with a social media campaign, monthly video clips of their journey, a youth art project, and photos (in collaboration with photographer Jared Cotzee). Please check out their story. They are yet another brilliant example of how each of us has the power to make a difference.

On another note, and in keeping with the #DOT theme, this past weekend I was privileged to lead the Durbanville Children’s Home ( leadership camp in Beaverlac. The Durbanville Children’s Home is an amazing organisation that cares for orphans, and neglected and abused children. Most of the children are Wards of the State. This is the fifth year the event is happening, and the purpose is to educate children about the meaning and power of leadership, and to learn from the many simple yet profound lessons that nature provides. My aim is to empower them to move away from a culture of blame and entitlement and to take real ownership of their futures by creating big dreams and implementing a goal strategy. It is also about forgiveness and appreciating differences and uniqueness.


After the final messages before they departed there were many tears (including mine). These youngsters give me real hope for South Africa and it was a truly humbling experience. A big thank you must go to Rotary Claremont for again sponsoring the camp.


Lastly, as you know by now, every swipe of your MySchool/MyVillage/MyPlanet card counts. Well, from April 14-May 22, every vote counts too! The Vote 4 Charity competition is back!

If you have a MySchool/MyVillage/MyPlanet card, go to and vote for your favourite charity. And if you don’t have a card yet, now’s the perfect time to pick one up. So many opportunities to #DOT and be a part of the solution!

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