Ntyatyambo-tutudeskSchools in the Eastern Cape received 5 000 lap desks to assist with classroom desk shortages in the province.

In South Africa alone an estimated 3 million children do not have a classroom desk to work at and across the Sub-Saharan Africa region this number escalates to almost 100 million children attending school without the benefit of a classroom desk to work at.

The Archbishop’s Tutudesk Campaign is addressing classroom desk shortages by providing children with access to portable desks known as Tutudesks and in so doing is improving access, supporting literacy development and enhancing academic performance amongst the beneficiaries of the programme.

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In answer to a recent call to action by the Archbishop, the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising Programme and the Woolworths Trust joined forces and donated 5 000 Tutudesks to learners in the Eastern Cape, focusing specifically on schools that have less than 50% of the desks they need.

On Wednesday, 29th October Tutudesk Campaign’s Director for Stakeholder Relations, Mrs Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, visited various schools in the Port Elizabeth area who received their first Tutudesks from this unique collaboration. “We believe that the Tutudesk Campaign has the ability to change and improve the lives of millions of African children and collaborating with international education programmes and prestigious South African organisations such as MySchool and the Woolworths Trust will assist us to stay on track for our 2020 goals”, said Mrs. Tutu-Gxashe.

The Tutudesk Campaign, a beneficiary of the MySchool programme, relies on local and international funding to continue the work that they do and appeals to the public to support them by getting a MySchool card and selecting them as the beneficiary.

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The Grade 7 learners from Seyisi Primary School School in the Eastern Cape wrote letters to show their appreciation for receiving a tutudesk.

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