Hout Bay SecondaryThe Partner for Possibility (PfP) initiative, sponsored by MySchool helps Hout Bay Secondary to develop a powerful vision for the future.

Hout Bay Secondary School is currently being sponsored by MySchool to form part of the Symphonia SA’s Partner for Possibility programme.  This leadership and development programme is already helping the school, and specifically the school principal, to develop the leadership skills and partnership plans needed to transform the school . Here is some feedback on their latest successes.

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Hout Bay Secondary School was built for 250 children but currently has over 600 learners serving the community of Hangberg and Imazama Yethu. Like many schools who host learners from impoverished areas they struggle with parent and community participation in their school. Drugs and gangsterism is also a big concern. Thankfully the school has passionate and committed staff and a principal with a big vision. Thanks in part to the Partner for Possibility (PfP) initiative which the school participates in, sponsored by MySchool, this school has developed a powerful vision for the future.

Recently the school hosted a special art exhibition to encourage parents to visit the school and participate and see how their kids are developing. Usually parent attendance at school events is only 10%. The school principal decided to use an alternative strategy: kids designed and delivered their own hand-made invitations. The result? On the night there was 70% parent attendance at the art exhibition. 

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“The parents were so impressed to see the wonderful art and creativity shown by their children, and in turn the kids were beaming with pride to have their parents visit the school. This small step has made a meaningful impact in the level of involvement and buy-in from the parent community” says Alice Kramer, the school’s corporate partner in the PfP programme.

The art exhibition was a great success. The Jazz club was happy to perform a great song for them too.  The kids came alive and even started singing songs for their parents, completely impromptu.

Hout Bay2

The school has several other success stories:

  • They have entered their vegetable garden into a national competition and already reached the semi-finals
  • The school does not even have its own soccer field, yet their Under 17 soccer team is currently the top school soccer team in Cape Town.
  • The learners have nominated one of their teachers for the national Teacher’s Day awards
  • Learners from the school participated in a Shakespeare evening at the Artscape theatre in Cape Town

     “Together with Symphonia we are currently developing our Partnership Plan for the school. We have big goals and specific action plans to help us get there. If we work together with our communities we can achieve them. We are thankful to the MySchool programme for their support, it came at the right time,” says Juan Julius, Principal of Hout Bay Secondary School.