As a super efficient sales team you are faced with the constant challenge of maintaining your own individual Self Management; this is exacerbated by the fact that you are not in an office environment or that I am not there to assist you in the field on a regular basis. Your own Self Management is crucial in your own success as an individual & efficient Sales Person. Here are a few Tips on how to do just that:

1. Self-awareness: how well do you know yourself, & also how you come across to others? Do you have “blind spots”=behaviours that you are unaware of - positive as well as negative? How can you find out? Two suggestions: 1. Ask others to give you honest feedback {well intentioned blind spot feedback is a gift, not a criticism}; 2. Watch carefully how others’ react to your behaviour - it will often reveal the impact you are having

2. Self-control: self- awareness is one thing, but is no use if you have no self control. It’s no good knowing you interrupt someone, but still continuing to do it! Often lack of self-control is associated with strong emotional drives. So a key tip is to put a ‘programme break’ between emotional reaction & physical behaviour - the old ‘count to 10′: buy yourself some thinking time

3. Self-esteem: do you give yourself a hard time? Those with low self esteem are usually their own worst enemies - they are the only ones who think as badly or harshly of themselves. Decide to be your own best friend, rather than your own worst enemy! Take a balanced stock of yourself. Often it’s a case of ’seek & you will find…’ so look for the good in yourself, & your achievements…

4: Self-confidence: the key trick here is to realise that confidence follows action, & not the other way round. Don’t wait to do something ‘until you are confident’: it won’t happen! You can’t wait to play the piano ‘until you are confident’. You have to give it a go, practice, and learn & improve. That’s how confidence happens, it grows from action. Think about things in life you are confident about & how it happens? You probably took a deep breath, gave it a go, & found out that nothing bad happened, you may even have enjoyed it & it’s that that gave you the confidence to continue

5: Self-discipline: things often go amiss because of, lack of determination, focus, & dedication. What are the reasons why you lack self-discipline? Do you blame others/ things as an excuse for not taking responsibility for your own actions? Instead of saying ‘the TV distracted me’ (blame), say ‘I allowed myself to get distracted by the TV’ (personal responsibility). If you blame the world, you will wait for ‘the world’ to get it right, which will never happen. Rather, take ownership for your own actions. If you are easily distracted, or lose concentration, then work on these issues. What can you do to minimise or prevent this?

6: Self-motivation: there is only one person in this world that can motivate you - & that’s YOU. Others can help or hinder, but in the end, it’s down to you. That’s why some people succeed in the most difficult of circumstances, & others fail despite every advantage they have. Factors crucial to your own motivation are: knowing it is down to you (self-belief); a clear aim or goal, which is also valued by you; an ability to achieve, a willingness to take action, and regular success.

7: Self-image: how do you see yourself? Remember that who you are is essentially down to you - your choice. Decide on the kind of person you want to be - then do things that take you in that direction. What impression do you want others to have of you? How do you want to be remembered? Identify it, describe it, work out how you would represent it, then get on with creating it through what you do, what you say, and how you say it…

8: Self-efficacy: personal effectiveness: set yourself meaningful & achievable goals - external (things you want to achieve in the world); & internal (within yourself). Then work on a strategy for getting there. Two tips: make the goals realistic & achievable in bite-size chunks; & be willing to seek help - particularly from positive role models: how have they done it?

9: self-satisfaction: allow yourself to succeed, & too pat yourself on your back for your successes. Avoid being a perfectionist - you will never be satisfied & always disappointed - because human perfection isn’t possible. We are all fallible. If you are a perfectionist, try this instead: ‘I’m going to be the best I can be, & do the best I can do’ - that is always achievable…

10: Self-belief: this underpins almost everything else. If you don’t believe, you can’t achieve. So have a look at the beliefs you have - about yourself, & about the world you live in. How many are empowering, & how many are self-limiting? Remember - they are only beliefs: wherever they have come from, they can change: you can (& should) choose your beliefs…

Work on your Self Management Skills and SUCCESS will follow in all avenues of your life!

Kind Regards,