In May 2010 Molelwane Primary School in Fafung Village outside Brits, North West Province, approached the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising Programme as a last resort to their desperate call for help. In September 2009, the school lost their roof in a terrible storm and has been operating without it since then.

This school serves the local township and rural community from the area and is attended by over 110 learners. The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising Programme decided to lend a helping hand by conducting over R90 000 in renovations which included:  

  • Repairing the roof trusses and sheeting which was blown off
  • Installing and repairing timber work to render balance to classrooms
  • Installing gutters and down pipes to collect water into tanks, as there is a shortage of water
  • Installing two 2 500 litre water tanks
  • Water proofing the office to prevent leakage
  • Tiling of classrooms
  • Repairing the ceiling on toilets   

The Principal of Molelwane Primary School, Mr Sedumedi, is very grateful that after 18 months without having a roof there has finally come some resolution. The addition of water tanks will also assist in addressing the school’s desperate water need.

The school is still in desperate need and there is much more work that can be done. If any person is willing to assist the school further, please contact MySchool for details.