How are MySchool funds being used in your community? We get feedback from schools and charities every month on how they make use of their MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet funds. We invite all our beneficiaries to share their stories and pictures with us. Below are the Good News stories we have received during November.



Help teach - St Mary’s Senior School pupils teach a set syllabus to the Grade 5 pupils from these schools each weekAmcare spent over R1 000 000 during the past year to do community projects. They currently have an Abused Women Centre which cares for 8 women and this number will increase soon. They also feed old and sick people in Alberton every day, taking food directly to the homes of those who cannot collect.

Amcare are also training nurses to help sick people and training people to grow vegetables so they can use this when cooking for the underprivileged. They also train people from the township to use an electrical stove and teach them how to cook.

Fairsands Primary School has used their My School funds towards special art classes, and craft materials. These classes are therapeutic for the learners.

Rembrant Park School used their My School funds towards various projects such as a feeding scheme for the less-fortunate kids at their school and to support their local charities.

Linksfield Primary School has used their My School funds towards renovating the school's toilets and the tuck shop.

Hurlyvale Primary School has used their MySchool funds towards general maintenance.

Summit College does the following outreach projects, with the help of their MySchool funds:

Kelvin AIDS Home consists of two private homes for 18 young children, between the ages 4 months and 12 years old. They do not receive any funding from the government; they only survive through the generosity of people around them. Summit College students visited the home. Whilst some students helped the children with their homework, others played with them outside. The MySchool crew was asked to help with food so they initiated a food drive at Summit.

St Mary’s does the following outreach in their community:

JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Maths Prodigies) This initiative was introduced to support the learning of Mathematics in Junior School pupils. St Mary’s has partnered with H A Jack and Orchards Primary Schools.

St Mary’s Senior School pupils teach a set syllabus to the Grade 5 pupils from these schools each week

Unika Pre-Primere Skool - Funds generated through the MySchool programme are directed into school fees for children who cannot afford to pay their fees. The educational opportunities of a few pupils are being improved due to the school’s involvement with the MySchool fundraising programme.

KwaZulu Natal

i CareI Care:

I Care would like to thank MySchool for monies received monthly through their initiative of MySchool MyVillage Programme generating funds to schools and non-profit organisations throughout South Africa.

I Care benefits monthly from all donations received through kind donors using their MyVillage Card regularly at various supporter outlet stores around South Africa but particularly in KZN.

The money raised is used by I Care for monthly food parcels to assist street children who have been successfully reunited with their families. It is through these kind people that I Care can give the less fortunate children in our society a better future

Western Cape

Athlone School for the Blind is situated in a lower-income residential area, with learners from all areas in the Peninsula (14 vehicles fetch learners from Macassar to Muizenberg, with 100 learners in the hostel). The school’s management is very enthusiastic and motivated to grow their MySchool support and to become the best supported school in this area.

Athlone School for the blind is one of only two schools in the Western Cape to accommodate learners with this specific special need (the other school being the Pionier School in Worcester). 407 Learners from Grade R to Grade 12 attend this school and the school also has a ‘skills department’ for mildly intellectually impaired learners over the age of 14 (without eye-disabilities) to develop their skills at this school.  The school does not only provide for the blind and partially sighted, but also for learners with learning disabilities, with many learners being multi-disabled (visually impaired/blind, hearing impaired, physically disabled, cerebral palsied, learning disabled, epileptic, autistic)

This school has been selected to become a “School of Excellence in Judo” as from 2011 in order to develop learners to be included in a team to take part in London in 2010 and is supported by the Department of Arts and Culture in this regard. MySchool funds form part of their fundraising "kitty" and are used to support learners in need and the school.