The MySchool Move for Health Don Lock event was held in Claremont Sunday 22 August. The event was the culmination of a five week Move for Health campaign-  a joint initiative of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), Celtic Harriers, Woolworths, MySchool, Let’s Play, the City of Cape Town and the Community Papers.

We completed the Donlock RaceHigh winds, incessant rain and even some hail stones could not dampen the spirits of close to 1000 Move for Health youngsters as they took on the 5 or 8km challenge of running for their health and for their schools in the event

As the new event sponsor, MySchool has helped to spread the “Move for Health” message with a very active social media marketing campaign with Facebook fans receiving regular information and text messages been sent to customers. This, along with the Sports Science informative articles published weekly in the eleven community papers, the involvement of Let’s Play and regular enthusiastic visits to schools in the area by sports scientists, helped to motivate the kids and get them active.

We ran!Close on 40 schools participated in the School’s Mass Participation Competition, where Woolworths rewarded schools with the highest percentage of learners taking part with generous cash prizes, the value totalling R20 000. The winners will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony at the SSISA mid September. 

Many kids keenly took part in the SSISA/Woolworths Health Track – where they were put through their paces in a boot-camp style circuit – run by the SSISA’s High Performance centre staff.  Sporting certificates from the Health Track, race medals and kitted out in trendy, bright yellow T-shirts - these kids certainly had reason to be beaming.

The City of Cape Town had generously funded the transport and full participation of 1000 learners from all areas in Cape Town, as part of their sponsorship.

This is a commendable and uplifting exercise for these youngsters and it forms part of a series of races in which the City are involved in engaging children in fun sporty events, which improves both their quality of life and their health.

We are ready!Likewise, MySchool (title sponsor of the race) – gives back R1, 7million monthly in their programme which is dedicated to education and social upliftment.

Other highlights of the event, were a display by soccer trickster, Mzukisi to “Waka waka” (one of our World Cup favourite songs) and a prize giving message from 1992, Olympic Silver medalist, Elana Meyer, who now heads up the JAG Foundation.

She explained to the kids how although once she was once a shy little girl taking part in her first cross-country event, running had transformed her life. It had allowed her to see that with hard work – anything is possible. She encouraged the kids to keep on running and to take on challenges they were faced with, rather than being daunted by them.

Whilst the event was a great success, it is true success will be measured by the lasting effect of the campaign. Judging by the enthusiastic support by so many schools, we trust it has had an impact.