Lerato crèche in Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein is not only a day-care for babies and toddlers but the crèche also runs an orphanage from the building situated behind the crèche. This orphanage was in much need of a ‘face-lift’, and Woolworths Mimosa came to the rescue.

The Mimosa staff formulated teams and worked on their off days during the June / July school holidays, whilst the school was closed.  The rooms and bathrooms were painted from a bright red to baby blue and pink, to give it a ‘warm’ ambience

The floors were repaired, windows were replaced and curtains were fitted to make sure the children feel right at home.    

A big blackboard was painted on the wall in the playroom, for the children and teachers.  The backyard was transformed into a playground, with a painted mini car, which turned out to be the children’s favourite attraction. 

The team even made small bean bags for the children to play with and donated toys, stationery, educational posters, colour pictures, hoola-hoops and blankets which were desperately needed.

“It was such an honour to be invited by Woolworths Mimosa Mall to be a part of their make-over project. 

They really worked hard as a team and showed us what reaching out is all about.  But above all, those little kids' smiling faces were the best reward,” says Ria Green, a MySchool Community Organiser. 

“Staff and management from Woolworths Mimosa that gave up their time felt a sense of achievement at the end of the day by giving to people that don't have much,” say Lelanie Ferreira, Clothing and General Merchandise Manager. 

The dedicated, time, commitment and generous donations from the Woolworths Mimosa staff is priceless in making these children’s house a warm home.