MySchool has recently awarded the 3 Top School Organisers Award for the school champions that best promoted the MySchool programme over the past year. These true ambassadors received their certificates and prizes during May 2010

Each school has a School Organiser which they have selected to manage the MySchool fundraising initiative at their school. This may be a parent, teacher, bursar, fundraiser or PTA member. Over a 6 month period (1 September 2009 to 28 February 2010), the School Organisers were asked to implement their plans and ideas to show how they have made MySchool a fundraising success at  their school.

During this time, all participants were evaluated based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.  Measurements included growth in new MySchool cards, the number and types of MySchool promotions done, growth in funds raised and the increase in the number of active MySchool cards.

School Organiser of the year 2009/2010 - Winners

1st- Liezel Benjafield from Westcott Primary

2nd-Alexa Jonas from Veritas College

3rd- Corrie Storm from Laerskool Birchleigh


Liezel Benjafield (Centre) of Westcott Primary was selected as the Top School Organiser for 2009/2010.

She received a R7’000 Woolworths Gift card.

Alexa Jones (Right) of Veritas College 2nd place.

receiving a R1’000 Woolworths Gift Card and a R500 Voucher

Corrie Storm (right) from Laerskool Birchleigh 3rd place,

receiving a R1’000 Woolworths Gift Card.

Top tips from MySchool School Organisers

The purpose of this award is also to learn from the top schools and to share their fundraising advice with other schools. Here are the top tips these school organisers have implemented to ensure their success.

  1. Make sure that all new enrolments have a MySchool application form included.
  2. New parents receive information letters about MySchool with their application form
  3. The application form is customised with the school’s logo and name already included
  4. Reward top supporters and top supporting classes on a monthly basis at school assemblies.
  5. Give certificates for top classes and top families as well as badges for the top class to wear during their civvies day.
  6. Reward top classes with civvie days or extended breaks. 
  7. Through a monthly newsletter (dedicated to fundraising or MySchool related info) make sure that parents where updated on promotions, partners and winning supporters.
  8. Ensure that MySchool funds are used for something specific (even if only partially). Give parents and supporters regular feedback on how the funds are used and making a difference
  9. Educate the learners and card holders about the various places where you can use your card (local and national partners)
  10. Encourage old boys and girls to keep supporting their school after they have left the school
  11. Encourage grandparents and extended family members to support the school