Summit College did an outreach with one of our Villages, Animals in Distress as well as various others.

Summit College believes that it is very important to give back to the community, even if it is just their time they are offering. They sacrifice to do something for someone else.

For some time Summit have been building relationships with organisations, such as Akano, Oasis, SPCA- Midrand and the Juskei River clean up. They will be adding another two new outreach programmes to the list:

Kelvin Aids Home- The home consists of two private homes for 18 young children, between the ages of 4 months and 12 years old. The home does not receive any funding from the government. They survive through the generosity of people around them. When Summit College visited the home, the pupils were very excited. The students spent time with the babies at the home. Some students helped the children with their homework, others played with them outside. The lady that runs the home was very thankful and appreciated the visit from the school. Summit also assisted the home with food. Summit College initiated a drive system in benefit of the home.

The SPCA and Animals in Distress- The full time stuff from the SPCA and Animals in distress often do not get sufficient time to spend with all the animals. The pupils from Summit devoted their time to walk and groom the animals. They also assisted with feeding the animals and giving them water. Parents had to sign an indemnity form in order to allow their children to help the SPCA...


Fulton School for the Deaf-used their MySchool donations to purchase a motorised lawnmower that ensures their beautiful large fields are well maintained to host their league sporting activities. 

fulton school for the deaf pic 2 resizedThey also bought new sponge mattresses for their pre-school children to use for their mid-day nap.  It is always great to see how our beneficiaries are putting their donations to good use.  Through your ongoing support

The donation received stretched a long way, and the school was fortunate enough to also purchase a variety of books and DVD’s for their library.  Deaf children benefit tremendously from visual learning, and this not only assists the pupils a great deal but also the teachers. 

Hillcrest Christian Academy- Nominated Itemba as their charity if they should win the PIF money. Hillcrest Christian Academy won the PIF competition as they were the 2nd top School. Itemba is now going to receive R 50 000.00. Nadine from (Itemba) is delighted about the Money.


Bambi Pre Primary is helping to raise funds, clothes and food for underprivileged people; they are assisted not only by their MySchool funds but also through an organisation named Yade.

Lerato Creche - Woolworths Mimosa Mall invited our Community Organiser to join their CSI project: the ‘make-over' of Lerato Creche. The make-over is not completed yet. They plan to finish before the schools re-opens. The make-over involved painting the rooms, hanging new curtains, sprucing up the playground etc. Below are the "before" photographs.