WaterthumbThanks to I AM WATER, a new group of learners are being empowered to spread awareness and educate communities on the importance of protecting our oceans. 






Help I AM WATER reach as many Grade 7 learners from underserved coastal communities to protect our oceans.
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There’s renewed hope for our oceans thanks to I AM WATER’s Ocean Guardian workshops. The two-day sessions saw 60 children on the beach at a time, learning how to better protect our oceans now and in the future. 


The organisation also enabled 269 Grade 7s to see the wonders of the underwater world for the first time, and hosted a pop-up workshop with the public at St James beach.

I AM WATER’s ethos of “you protect what you love” is helping ignite a love of the ocean for many young minds.  This love funnels into a desire to protect the ocean by spreading awareness and educating community members on the importance of protecting the ocean.




All learners are asked at the end of the workshop how they will deliver on their promise to protect the ocean.  For most learners, there’s a resounding commitment to spread the knowledge and awareness within their communities.