food profileWoolies employees volunteered their time and got their hands dirty on World Food Day, to boost food production at school gardens across SA.






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This past World Food Day, Woolies employees joined forces with EduPlant to help schools boost good food production.  By volunteering their time and skills, they plan to help grow food gardens to make sure there are plenty of nutritious vegetables and fruits to help supplement school feeding schemes. 

The EduPlant programme is managed by Food & Trees for Africa, and has facilitated more than 770 permaculture food gardening workshops, to reach over 61 000 educators and almost 30 000 schools.  This year 86% of the schools participating in the programme have started food gardens and the programme is changing lives.  Meet Mashao Seabela - a 22 year old environmental scientist and influencer now living in Cape Town (@mashao_seabela).  Mashao participated in the EduPlant programme in his rural Limpopo primary school 12 years ago but attributes the EduPlant programme as moulding him into the man he is today and his career choice specifically.

Woolworths Director of Corporate Affairs, Zinzi Mgolodela believes that the EduPlant programme is an excellent example of partnerships that create shared value for all involved:

“The #zerohunger future demands a higher level of commitment from partners in order for food security initiatives to be truly sustainable… Shared value has to be a real experience…where sustainable impacts need to be derived from everyone… including corporate citizens like us at Woolies.” 


World Food Day envisages a #zerohunger world by 2030, and is urging action to promote the availability of healthy diets to every person in the world.  Today, there is an estimated 820 million people who are undernourished, with even more people overweight or obese.  In South Africa, we have high rates of both. 

That’s why Woolworths has contributed around R5.8 billion towards a #zerohunger future in South Africa - by supporting FoodForwardSA to donate surplus food to over a thousand charities across the nation, partnering with EduPlant’s food gardening programme and other food security programmes – like a pilot partnership project with UNICEF and the Gauteng Departmemnt of Education.  

Through its Farming for the Future initiative, Woolies is also helping to address the environmental impact of food production. 


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