Melville thumbMelville Koppies is a fun, living, outdoor museum. Thanks to MySchool funds, families and people of all ages can enjoy a great family outing in nature. 

“Wow” is the reaction of every visitor who walks to the 1720m high top ridge of Melville Koppies.  Offering an incredible panoramic view and exceptional experience in a well-conserved natural and cultural heritage site, Mellville Koppies is a true living, outdoor museum. 


The 3-billion year-old quartzite ridges dip at a 30 degree angle as a result of the meteor that caused the Vredefort Crater 2- billion years ago.The shale valleys are covered with over 500 different species of indigenous flora, which attracts over 200 species of recorded birds. Small, shy, surviving fauna such as hedgehogs, tortoises and mongooses can also even be glimpsed. Early, Middle and Late Stone Age relics, the 500 year-old Iron Age furnace and evidence of early attempts at gold prospecting are all preserved here.

Passionate, expert volunteer guides introduce visitors to plants with medicinal and cultural properties, while the lost skill of the chemical process of Iron smelting from the iron-rich shale is explained. Kids can have a go at grinding sorghum on original grindstones (like Grannies do in rural areas) and can even use some pigment from the crushed red, blue and yellow shale to do some adventurous face painting. 


Aimed at families and people of all ages, it’s a relaxing day out where the rules for harmonious living in Iron Age homesteads are explained, to give city kids pride in past culture. As an inexpensive healthy family outing, visitors can book guided tours and hikes and MySchool fund are used to employ three full-time conservation workers to keep Melville Koppies in pristine condition.

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