Marang thumb Caring for chronically ill children with life-threatening illnesses, Marang House is a home away from home that gives them the care they deserve.

Marang House is a home with a difference.  Caring for chronically ill children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, the Northcliff-based children’s home provides a stable home environment in a family setting with 24-hour medical care, regular monitoring, hospital visits, nutritious meals and lots of love.


Started in 1998 by the late Dr Pieter Ernst, Marang House looks after 12 children, between the ages of 4 and 14 who suffer from illnesses such as renal failure, pulmonary alveolar and chronic diabetes.  Ernst’s vision was to create a home environment that would provide stability, happiness and family-like support to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children. 

Over the past 20 years, Marang House has taken care of more than 115 children from across South Africa.  By providing a home environment, children are able to attend school and undergo treatment at various Johannesburg hospitals. Most children who suffered from these chronic illnesses and who have left Marang House are living normal lives making a positive contribution to their communities.

One such child is Mapholi, aged 16, who was admitted to Marang House in June 2014.  For several years, Mapholi has been on the donor list for a kidney and in June 2016, her dream came true. After the transplant Mapholi stayed at Marang House, where the team assisted and educated her and her mother on how to care for her new kidney.  Mapholi left Marang House in December 2017, and continues to visit the hospital for her quarterly checkups, while excelling at school and leading a productive life in her community.

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