Wesley Pixie thumbFound weak and covered in ticks, baby Pixie the bush buck is winning the hearts of everyone at DAKTARI bush camp – even her good friend Mouton the sheep.


In early September when DAKTARI got the call about an abandoned baby bushbuck on a neighbouring farm, the team leapt into action. The weak and tick-covered bushbuck was brought to the camp, where the animal team immediately took charge of her care and managed to bring her back to a healthy state.

Wesley Pixie

Baby Pixie is now being hand-raised at DAKTARI and is happily growing up in the closed garden along with her sheep friend Mouton. She gets bottle-fed 6 times a day by the volunteers and the children who participate in the Environmental Education program every week. Everyone loves the adorable Pixie but Wesley, one of the children, was especially amazed by her! We could say it was mutual love at first sight, since Pixie wasn’t shy around him, as she usually is with new people.

“I love her! I have never seen a bushbuck in real life and she is so beautiful. I wish I could take Pixie home with me and feed her milk every day!” said Wesley.  While the team couldn’t let him take her home, they did make sure he was able to feed her every day of his stay at DAKTARI.

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