salesian institute thumbHappy on site and working to reach her goals, Yonela is now a qualified bricklayer and plasterer.  That’s thanks to the Salesian Institute Youth Projects. 

With a dream to build, Yonela is now a qualified bricklayer and plasterer. As a child growing up in the Eastern Cape, Yonela was always intrigued by building things and playing with mortar.  So, when in 2018, she came across a Facebook post by the Salesian Institute, 21-year old Yonela discovered a 3-month bricklaying and plastering course.

Salesian Institute Youth Projects
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The course forms part of a range of five courses offered by the Salesians through their Youth Employment Skills Programme. The Salesian Institute Youth Projects uses its MySchool funds to assist youth by providing them with much needed vocational skills training and job placement assistance, to help young people realise their dreams and improve their future and financial independence.

As soon as Yonela found out where the institute was in Cape Town, she set off to follow her dream. 

 “I enjoyed it so much and the guys in my group accepted me as part of the team”, says Yonela, who recently came to assist her course facilitator, Mr. Alec, to set up and prepare for the new intake. 

Yonela is also proud of her new job.  After bravely approaching the foreman at a school which was being expanded, she handed him her CV and certificate of course completion.

“He offered me a job! My family is so proud of me, and I am enjoying this job very much.” said Yonela with a big smile. “One day I will build my own house!”