SEED class=Through its exciting new Seeding Futures program, SEED is helping tackle youth unemployment and climate change by teaching permaculture design skills.

Through a 19-week program that addresses youth employment and climate change, SEED plans to empower young people across the Cape Flats. 




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Ready to launch its ‘Seeding Futures’ program, after a five year pilot, SEED will work with 300 Cape Flats youth over the next three years. The aim: to equip young people with permaculture design skills at a household and neighbourhood level. 

Through the program, learners design and implement climate resilient systems in 16 Mitchells Plain homes per year and compete in a Neighbourhood Design Challenge.

SEED is MySchool beneficiary based in the Cape Flats and a Non-profit organisation that has spent the past 16 years pioneering the work of Outdoor Classrooms in under resourced schools. The Seeding Futures youth program has grown out of direct request from school leavers for further education and green jobs.

By awakening the potential in unemployed township youth, SEED works to connect young people to their own strengths, and showing them the positive action they can take towards personal resilience as well as to work in the resilience economy.

SEED believes that the fact that we are sitting with about 400 000 unemployed youth in the Cape Flats and that we are facing the landing impacts of Climate Change (the drought being the first real impact to land) presents an incredible opportunity.

The program includes an 8-week job shadow component, where participants are connected to work that suits them, enabling real work experience and also boosting green enterprises in Cape Town with 32 000 free hours per year.