frikkie contentLeft abandoned, with no food, water or shelter, little Frikkie has been given a new lease on life and a family, thanks to Boston Terrier Rescue SA.

Little Frikkie was abandoned when his humans moved house, leaving him with nothing. Thanks to a kind-hearted neighbour, who noticed that he had no food, water or shelter, Boston Terrier Rescue South Africa (BTRSA) came to his rescue



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As soon as the BTRSA team were contacted, it sent a van over to fetch him and take him to a foster home. His foster family (who quickly named him Frikkie Blikkie) noticed how skinny he was, and that he had scratches all over his body and damage to his private parts. 

Once the vet had given him a full check-up, Frikkie’s foster family were given medicine and a strict to-do list to get him healthy and snipped, and ready to find a forever family.   After a few more visits, Frikkie was given the all clear and his photo was posted. A lovely couple saw the photo and after BTRSA had done a home check, he met his new family and fur-sister and now has a caring family of his own.Boston Terrier Rescue SA is a MySchool beneficiary that rescues, rehabilitates and re-home abandoned, unwanted, neglected and surrendered dogs of any age.