content CotlandsHungry children can’t concentrate or learn properly, which is why every nutritious meal is helping smash the hunger roadblock.

If you’ve ever watched a famished child trying to concentrate in class, you’ll know why nutrition is so important to education. A hungry child simply can’t learn properly – and malnutrition upsets sleep patterns too, which makes learning even harder.

Help Cotlands feed hungry children so they can learn and reach their full potential.  
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Young children also can’t develop to their full potential if they’re sick or hungry, or if they have problems at home. That’s why Cotlands’ innovative early learning programme goes hand-in-hand with the provision of nutrition, as well as health and psychosocial support. 


Cotlands is working with MySchool to wipe out malnutrition in children. All children at its early learning playgroups (ELPs) receive a nutritious meal, and in 2018 alone, almost 294 000 meals were served to children and 218 monthly food parcels were provided to extremely needy families. Thanks to MySchool funding, 300 severely malnourished children on its extended feeding programme also receive a balanced diet.

Cotlands believes that this nutrition makes the world of difference. Not only does it improve concentration and strengthen bodies, but it makes children feel a little loved too! It’s a healing balm for hearts, minds and bodies.