content ChihuahuaAdoptionsSAWhen little David came into Chihuahua Adoptions SA, what he lacked in size, he made up for in his fighting spirit and a will to survive.

When little David came into Chihuahua Adoptions SA (CASA) a few months ago, what he lacked in size he made up for in his fighting spirit. On seeing his suffering, a kind family saved him and brought him into the centre where the team were shocked at the state he was in. Covered in ticks and fleas, with a broken back that had been left untreated for two years, little David was severely underweight and malnourished.  


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Chihuahua Adoptions SA

Chihuahua Adoptions SA is a pro-life rescue and rehabilitation organisation, but the local vet was very concerned about David’s health; he had limited use of his back legs because of nerve damage, and wobbled around as he tried to walk. Because he was so underweight, he wasn’t able to undergo surgery, yet the CASA team decided to give this little boy a chance. With so much life behind his eyes and a spirit to survive, CASA searched for and found a specialised rehabilitation programme. Thanks to MySchool Funds, David is now receiving a nutritional supplementary diet, medication, a variety of tests, weekly acupuncture and water therapy.

Today David is loving life, thanks to every swipe. He’s building muscle, picking up weight and has become stronger and more balanced. In a lot less pain, this fierce little fighter is confident and walking more comfortably and is living proof that courage is what matters most.