LoveH20 contentThanks to new water upgrades at two KZN primary schools, every drop is being used to support learners and valuable food gardens in low income communities.


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With its dream of empowering schools to serve learners and their communities, the LOVEH2O WATER FUND is making a splash!  Thanks to MySchool funding, new upgrades and equipment means that two primary schools in the Normandien area of Kwazulu-Natal can now enjoy easy access to drinking water.

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With their new 10 000 litre water tanks and filtration systems, learners and teachers now have access to safe drinking water at new water stations.  

Upgrades at Lindokhule Primary also include the supply and installation of rainwater systems into the school’s toilet block, and new boards, gutters and downpipes to harvest every drop.  For Haig Primary School, learners can now enjoy much-needed water thanks to new rainwater tanks, gutters and pipes, plus a new basin in the bathroom to wash hands.

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Lindokhule and Haig primary are rural schools deep in the heart of the KZN farming community. For the more than 100 primary school learners and 10 educators, access to water has been an ongoing issue in the community. To keep the schools operational, both schools have had to rely on donations of bottled water in the past. 

As well as installing new rain tanks, other upgrades included replacing broken borehole pumps, old concrete tanks, broken or missing taps and basins in bathrooms, along with gutters and roofing that needed to be fixed. 

All these interventions not only benefit the school but the community as a whole, who benefit from the improved access to clean water. With a reliable water supply, the schools can also breathe life back into their food gardens and focus on growing food that will supplement the schools nutrition programme.