Grow content bannerLittle learners can look forward to an exciting new year, thanks to a much-needed new classroom and exciting new toys.

With a brand new learning space and resources, early learners can now look forward to a great new teaching curriculum. Thanks to MySchool funding, renovations at GROW Educare Centre in Lombardy East are done and the school has been completely transformed. 

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Despite being a little tricky at times, the principal and teachers agree that the process was absolutely worth it, as was the children’s excitement when packing out the brand new resources.

One of four Early Childhood Development Centres chosen in Gauteng in 2018, GROW with Baby Bears now has a spacious area for its 30 children. 

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The school has been expanded from one room to two rooms, providing a learning space that now complies with the norms and standards set out by the Department of Social Development.  By converting the carport into a much-needed second classroom for 2-3 year-olds, the space also gives 3-5 year-olds their own area to set up the required learning stations. 

GROW with Educare Centres believes proper early childhood development has the power to change the course of a life, with early childhood years laying the foundation for intellect, personality and social behaviour as an adult. Providing access to ECD in low income areas, the project is built on the principles of micro-franchising and social enterprise.

With plans to roll the full curriculum out next year, the teachers and principal are currently attending training every second Saturday.  As well as learning how to link these new resources to their learning plans in 2019, they’ll also learn how these fun but appropriate toys link to every child’s area of development.  

The training is holistic, ensuring that teachers understand all aspects of play, from Art to the Arts with music and drama, Outdoor, Educational including Maths, Puzzles and Language providing a foundation to develop Social and Emotional skills. A teacher-training schedule would not be complete without Positive Discipline with Nutrition and First Aid, and all teachers and principals attend an accredited First Aid course.

 Within the next weeks, a detailed marketing strategy will be finalised with the principal to ensure maximum enrolments for 2019.