Symphonia for South Africa

For 10 school principals in South Africa, support through leadership development is helping them develop great relationships with learners and their families.

MySchool’s latest pledge of R450 000 to Symphonia for South Africa will go a long way in helping to support 10 school principals with valuable leadership development.   For principal Lindiwe Mbongwa, this sponsorship has helped her develop relationships with learners and their families. 


Symphonia for South Africa
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With the funds raised Symphonia for South Africa is able to continue supporting School leadership initiatives with their Partners for Possibility programme.  
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Lindiwe Mbongwa had only been a principal at Kruisfontein Primary for a year when she decided to upskill her leadership qualities to deal with the challenges she faced at the school.  Situated on private farm land near Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal, Kruisfontein is a small rural school serving learners from the farm itself, the neighbouring village of Magwaza and those from a nearby Islamic educational institution.

The school has only four classrooms, no library, no computers and limited sports facilities. Faced with these constraints, teachers have been forced to cover two different curricula in one classroom – an almost impossible feat.

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Joining the PfP programme, Mbongwa was focused on helping to uplift the lives and level of education in her community.  Partnered with Maryne Marais, a commercial lawyer and university lecturer, her initial unease soon dissolved when she saw how every person in the programme had a passion for education. 

Since then, Mbongwa has developed trusted relationships with learners, even using her skills to help families to address personal challenges at home.  ‘‘We recently helped a learner and her siblings with food and clothes, and enrolled them for child support grants,’’ says Mbongwa, who has grown in personal confidence, thanks to the life skills she’s learned.

The partners have also identified several school challenges to address, such as the lack of parental involvement, the establishment of a library and computer lab, the revamping of the school kitchen, an electric wiring upgrade and the planting of a vegetable garden. And while Mbongwa knows it will take time, she remains positive about the future.