With its wildlife orphanage, DAKTARI is showing bright young learners how to get close to animals and protect the environment they live in.

Starting with a blind donkey and a bushbuck, DAKTARI’s bush school and wildlife orphanage is now home to more than 80 animals.  Using its MySchool funds to help feed its wild animals, DAKTARI educates local children about their environment, to give them the chance to interact with local wildlife. 

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With the funds raised the DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage helps feed its wild animals and educate local children about animal wildlife. Get a Free MySchool card today.

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For these children who live near the Kruger National Park, the DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage gives them the chance to see a cheetah, jackal, and even a meerkat in person.  Game reserve entry costs are far too expensive for their families to afford, so the experience of interacting with animals inspires them to want to protect them – and the proof is in how their faces light up when they arrive and see a cheetah have a meal or have a squirrel jump on their shoulder. 


Taking in animals that have no possibility of being released into the wild, DAKTARI welcomes baby animals that include a meerkat, mongoose, squirrel, sable antelope and bush baby.  The children interact daily with the animals at DAKTARI’s wildlife orphanage, and twice a day get to help volunteers with animal feeding and care. See how Thor the Marmoset spends his day at the wildlife orphanage on below video.

While the animals live in enclosures throughout the camp or free in the bush surrounding the camp, children and volunteers can also sometimes help to raise small animals to be released back into the bush.